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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sometimes you need to be alone.

Do you ever feel as if everyone is speaking into your life but no one is providing you with answers that offer clarity into your situation? You’re at a point of confusion about your choices and you’re calling so you’re not really doing anything because you don’t want to do the wrong thing. Somehow the more you seek answers the more you wonder if you’re mistaken about the message you’ve received in your spirit and your doubts challenges that which is inside you to the point that you fail to move forward.
“My sheep know my voice” The Shepherd who watch over the flock many times was a psalmist or poet because it helped pass the time and because it also helped him control the flock. Singing and speaking out loud aids the sheep in becoming familiar with his smell and voice, making a bond of comfort between the two, so as the Shepherds stroll to new pastures the sheep would follow him.
When Jesus found the need to get direction and meditate He would go off alone so that He could clearly hear from His Father, sometimes we need to separate from all those around us so we can become familiar with His voice.  I think most of us can agree, prayer is not our problem because we’ve gotten prayer down pat but the hearing is the tough part for there are many voices in the air. Sometimes you need to be alone.
“Go out and feed some sheep today!”

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